Paddle Board T Shirt

My son, Bubba (you guys know that is not his real name, right?) is amazing….I love him to pieces.  Okay…I’m going to go off on a tangent real quick.  I decided to call him Bubba on the blog here, because that is what my Grandpa used to call him.  (He passed away this past year, but I can still hear him saying, “Bubba, come give me a kiss.”  You couldn’t leave Grandpa’s house without giving him a kiss.)  Paddle Board T ShirtOkay, back to Bubba.  He has an amazing personality.  His personality exudes “I don’t care what you think about me….I know I am awesome.”  But that “I’m not going to follow the crowd” attitude is combined with a gentle, compassionate soul.  He is pretty awesome (but I am his mom…I’m sure all moms think that about their kids, at least I hope they do).  Gray V  NeckWell one of his favorite things to do is paddle board, so I thought I would make him a paddle board t shirt.  I sewed up this gray v neck t shirt (from a vintage Simplicity 9996 pattern), had my husband draw me a silhouette of Bubba paddle boarding, cut away the design from freezer paper and painted away.  Can you guys see the freezer paper stencil on this shirt?  Yeah, I can’t either, but I know it is there, and more importantly Bubba knows it is there.  Gray  V NeckOther than my lack of forethought on the fact that black fabric paint won’t show on dark gray fabric, I love this shirt.  And Bubba loves that his shirt holds a secret design.  When the light hits it right, you can see the design, maybe!  And Bubba, being his strong little personality, won’t care if you can see it or not; He knows it is a paddle boarding shirt and that is all that matters!Gray V Neck

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Floral Cuff Shorts

It’s Kids Clothes Week…and this is my first time participating!  I have been a spectator many other times, but I am happy to pledge to sew one hour a day, every day of this week just for my kiddos.  floral cuff shortsYesterday was the first day my kids were back from Camp Grandma, and they were exhausted.  Both of the kiddos slept in ’til past 10 am, which gave me a lot of sewing time.  floral cuff shortsSweet Pea is in need of some shorts and I had picked up this vintage pattern from the thrift store a few weeks ago.  Butterick 4831

This is the first time I have made real shorts, with a real fly, and it actually wasn’t that difficult!  The previous owner of the pattern had written in a few notes and added a little pattern modification, which I followed.  I think the fly looks good, and amazingly it functions…I’m floored!  floral cuff shortsfloral cuff shortsThis pattern also had a faux cuff at the bottom, which I love.  And the fabric, I’m a little jealous I used these for Sweet Pea’s shorts.  I would love a pair of shorts in this blue floral fabric.  A pattern for me would not have fit on that tiny bit of fabric I had left; I barely squeezed these shorts out of the fabric I had.  floral cuff shorts

I think another pair of shorts will be cranked out this week, maybe next time in pink.  I am pledging, though to sew for both of my kids, so my goal is to alternate one item for Sweet Pea followed by one item for Bubba.  I’ll keep you posted every day this week on my kids clothes sewing endeavors!  floral cuffed shortsHave you joined in the challenge?  What are you sewing this week?

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April Rhodes The Date Night Dress

This week the kiddos have been off at Camp Grandma’s.  It’s a tradition my mother in law started five years ago; Sweet Pea and Bubba are invited every summer to spend a week at Grandma’s, no parents allowed.  The first few days this week, I was kind of floundering while Josh was at work, lost without a schedule and a super quiet house.  Then I decided to make myself a to do list, and man I have accomplished a lot.  April Rhodes Date Night Dress

The sewing machine and I have spent many hours together this week, daylight hours, which is unheard of here!  One thing on my to do list was to test out April Rhodes’ newest pattern, The Date Night Dress.  The pattern is still in the making, and is due to release this month.  April Rhodes Date Night DressOh, what a great pattern this is.  April’s directions are incredibly thorough, kind of like she is standing by your side guiding you through each step.  She explains how to make a box pleat, french seams, hem a curved edge, and every step has a picture to accompany the written instructions.  The Date Night Dress April RhodesAnd the dress, isn’t it cute!  It has a slight high low hemline and very feminine fluttering sleeves.  The dress has a low opening on the side, so a slip is required, and April has given instructions and a pattern to make that as well.  I have already made two slips, and I love them just as much as the dress.  April Rhodes Date Night DressI think it’s very appropriate that I’ve had a chance to sew up this Date Night Dress, when Josh and I have had many dates this week while the kids are off at Camp Grandma’s!  We have one more night out planned before we are off to pick up the kiddos!April Rhodes Date Night Dress

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Orange Gingham Archer

Back when I started this blog, one of the first projects I planned to post about was an ArcherJen had just released her button up shirt pattern and I quickly bought it!  She announced she was going to have a sew along, so I waited a day or two for the sew along and then started on my first Archer.  I was a bit impatient, and quickly sewed up my Archer, without waiting for all of the sew along steps.  Saying that I needed the extra advice would be an understatement.  The front button placket was sewn on incorrectly, the collar was wonky, the fit was not great.  It ended up going in the trash after a couple wears.  Orange Gingham Archer
So this time when I started another Archer, I slowly worked through it, making sure I paid attention to tiny little details.  And this time I feel like I got it spot on!  I did french seams on the inside, matched my pattern at every seam, and in general, just took my time and avoided the urge to rush through this project!  I LOVE how this one turned out.  Orange Gingham Button Up
It was not the easiest sew.  This is a slippery chiffon material, making everything a bit of a nightmare.  It was difficult to cut out, difficult to iron, difficult to match seams.  I wish I could say I only added one pocket because I like that better as a design, but truly, I was just tired of working with this material when it came time to iron and sew on the second pocket.    Orange Gingham Button Down Gingham Archer Button Up Orange Gingham Shirt Orange Gingham Tank Gingham ArcherI think I could learn a few life lessons from sewing this shirt!  I need to remind myself to slow down….take your time!

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Knit Skirt From Knit Dress

The other day I was walking through WalMart and saw this great knit dress.  I snatched it up, without trying it on because, well,  it was only $3.  Striped Knit Skirt

Well, when I got home I realized that this cute knit dress was incredibly short.  So it sat on my sewing table for a few weeks and then I saw a great tutorial at Mimi G’s on how to sew up a knit pencil skirt.  Striped Knit DressI grabbed that knit dress and cut it right at the armpits.  And then I used Mimi G’s tutorial for her waistband. I simply cut my 1 inch wide elastic waistband to my waist measurement.  I then sewed it into a circle and pinned it in four spots at the top of my hacked off knit dress.  And lastly, I serged the elastic, stretching it as I went to fit the top of my new skirt.  Stiped Knit Skirt 2 striped knit skirt 3 Striped Knit Skirt 4

Not bad for a $3 dress turned skirt!

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Bubble Pocket Top and Spin Skirt

The other day I had mentioned on Facebook that I was hoping I could be a pattern tester for Heidi (the talented lady behind Elegance and Elephants) and her newest pattern coming out.  And timing just worked out that I was able to…woo hoo!Bubble Pocket Top

If you haven’t seen her newest pattern, it is this super cute bubble pocket top and twirl skirt!  This was my first time sewing up one of her patterns, and her directions are great!  There are lots of pictures and everything is explained so clearly.  She has been wonderful to work with.  And the pattern is due to release….tomorrow!Bubble Pocket Top 2

The bubble pocket top was sewn out of this great gray linen I had in my stash.  I love the clean simple lines of this top!  Bubble Pocket Top 3And the spin skirt was sewn from some fabric that a good friend gave to me.  Doesn’t it remind you of watercolor paints?  It looks like someone dripped a few colors here and a few colors there.  Twirl SkirtI love the waistband of this skirt.  As I was sewing it up, I looked down at the store bought skirt I was wearing, and the waistband was constructed the exact same way!  Now I know how they did that…and I want every single one of my waistbands from here on out to be the same way!Twirl Skirt 2If you ask Sweet Pea what her favorite part of the outfit was, it would be the spin skirt.  I even caught her doing a little happy dance!Shake-It

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Striped Pocket T Shirt

The other day I went to Hobby Lobby and found this super soft gray knit in the remnant bin.  I snatched it up with plans to make a t shirt.  stiped pocket t shirt

When I got home, I unrolled the fabric, only to find it was a little small.  There was no way I could make a t shirt out of this cut of fabric (unless it was for one of Sweet Pea’s dolls).  I couldn’t get my mind off of the gray t shirt I wanted, so I started to think about piecing together a shirt.  stiped pocket t shirt back

I used that small piece of gray knit to piece together the front of the t shirt and then found some blue and white striped knit in my stash to piece together the back!  stiped pocket t shirt hem line

I love how it turned out.  Sometimes accidents bring out the best finished product.  With the little bit of striped fabric left over, I cut out a tiny pocket to sew to the front!  stiped pocket t shirt close upWhen Josh was taking these photos, the wind was incredible!  He loved how my bangs would stand straight up…I just had to include a pic of my great hair day!stiped pocket t shirt wind blownstiped pocket t shirt funny

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