Follow Directions

Vintage Pattern Knit DressI bought a whole pile of vintage patterns this summer and have been trying to work my way through them.  From this pattern loot I’ve sewn Sweet Pea some shorts and a tank top, then some shorts for me from the same pattern, Bubba received a new shirt, and finally I am making my way to the dresses.  I have about 8 vintage dress patterns I want to sew up, so here is my first go!Simplicity 5676

I sewed this pattern up quickly, but looked at the directions and thought, who needs that many darts?  There were two sets of darts in the front, and then two sets of darts in the back.  So I omitted all of the darts, tried the dress on, and realized I looked like I was wearing a hospital gown.  Knit DressI could easily add in two of the darts without taking the dress apart, so I added one set of darts to the front (from the waist up to the bust) and then one set of darts in the back.  It looked okay…Josh gave it a thumbs up, so I wore it out all day yesterday.  Vintage Pattern

There were a few things that bothered me so when I got home, I changed right away and cut all of the seams apart.  It only took me about an hour to cut the dress apart and add the extra darts, and now I can say I think this dress is great!  It is made out of a knit that I found at the thrift store for 25 cents (for about 4 yards of knit).  Back DartAnd now I can tell you, I need all of those darts.  They give this dress shape and make every seam sit nicely.  It even has shoulder darts, which I had never seen before (except Andrea posted a photo of a dress she made this week showing off her shoulder darts).  Knit Sheath Dress

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14 Responses to Follow Directions

  1. Rachel says:

    Wow shoulder darts- that’s serious. I’ve done so much children’s sewing over the last 2 years I can see myself deciding darts are optional too 🙂 The end result looks like a great fit!

  2. dandeliondrift says:

    Thanks! I think it’s pretty funny I thought all of the steps were optional.

  3. Ooh, cute and simple! Great job.

  4. Ashley says:

    You did a great job on that dress – it fits you perfectly! I am so impressed by your sewing skills – I am a complete novice, but I have high hopes for the future!

  5. dandeliondrift says:

    Thanks Ashley…keep sewing and you’ll get better and better! It’s a fun hobby to pick up!

  6. dandeliondrift says:

    Thanks…I’m really into these simple dresses recently!

  7. Jacinta says:

    I can never find vintage patterns in my size! Such a classic dress and great you did add those darts in the end. Love the colour too.

  8. dandeliondrift says:

    Thanks Jacinta. This pattern is actually measuring a little small for me, but I think the stretch in the knit helped me out!

  9. dandeliondrift says:

    Thanks Jenya. Buying fabric from a real fabric store kind of hurts after paying so little at the thrift store.

  10. 0.25 cent knit?!? Wow now that is a bargain! I really love the simplicity of the dress and how it fits your body like a glove. I’m still learning how to manipulate fabric with darting but I must say you do it impeccably!

  11. dandeliondrift says:

    Sara…I’m also new to figuring out darts. The pattern just worked out well this time! And it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be!

  12. Ha ha great story! I’m glad you figured it out! Darts are kind of annoying, but make such a difference! I love the diagonal darts on the front; they are so pretty!

  13. dandeliondrift says:

    Aww…thanks Heather! I am really loving this dress and am excited to try more patterns with darts!

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