Pink Pocket Tank

Pink Pocket TankThis Kids Clothes Week has been awesome.  I have loved sewing for my kiddos.  This may be just me, but it has given me great quiet time to reflect on their wonderful personalities.  Sweet Pea is my quiet, shy girl.  Well, that is how she is to the outside world, but once she is comfortable she is dynamic and full of life.  She has this sparkling joy just waiting to burst!  Pink PocketThis shirt was made from the same pattern packet as Bubba’s shirt from yesterday (Simplicity 9996).  Is it wrong if I am getting a little bit jealous of the things I have sewn for Sweet Pea this week?  I could definitely see one of these tanks hanging in my closet, just like her cute cuffed shorts from earlier this week.  Pink Pcket TankI used a gray knit shirt that was headed to the thrift store, and some quilting batik for the pocket.  I love, love, love this loose, casual tank, and am thinking of lengthening this to turn it into a dress.  Wouldn’t it be a cute dress with a little elastic casing at the waist?  Pink  Pocket TankThis is my last sew for Sweet Pea this KCW, and tomorrow I have one more sew for Bubba!Pink Pocket  Tank

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6 Responses to Pink Pocket Tank

  1. Yeka says:

    What a cute tank!

  2. dandeliondrift says:

    Thank you! I might have to size this up and make one for me!

  3. So cute!! Love the color combo….that neutral gray with a pop of color. I agree, I would like one of these myself!!

  4. dandeliondrift says:

    Thanks Monica…I’m wondering if I sewed the size 12 from the packet, what that might look like…it just might fit me!

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