Edelweiss Tunic

Edelweiss 4Last week Adrianna from Crafterhours was so very kind to me.  She liked the yellow eyelet skirt I made for Sweet Pea which helped me win a couple of patterns from her Hey June pattern shop.  I felt very flattered and very excited at the same time!Edelweiss 5

I asked Sweet Pea which patterns she liked best and she pointed out the two dresses.  Adrianna immediately sent the patterns my way and I got to work on the Edelweiss pattern this weekend.  I had Sweet Pea pick out the fabrics and tell me which areas to use them on.  The green is leftover fabric from this skirt.  And the purple polka dots are leftover from a baby shower present I had made for my sister in law.Edelweiss 1

I decided to sew up the tunic version of the Edelweiss because I knew it would get more wear.  Recently, dresses seem to only come out of the closet on Sundays.  Adrianna’s pattern was great.  The directions are wonderfully written and the tunic sews up quickly!  And better than that, Sweet Pea loves it.  She wore it around all day earlier this week.  And it wears well.  She had no problem climbing the magnolia tree in this cute top!Edelweiss 3When I attached the ruffles to the bodice, I added a little pink bias tape.  I wasn’t liking how the two dark colors looked next to each other, so a little pink was in order!  I would have to say the Edelweiss was a hit!  Thanks Adrianna for the pattern!Edelweiss 2

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9 Responses to Edelweiss Tunic

  1. Renee says:

    So Cute! love the dots stand out nicely against the green.

  2. Adrianna says:

    Oh I just love that green! There you go inspiring me again 🙂 you have a nice eye for colors, lady! I really love the pic of her hanging out of the tree too – such a perfect place for a little photoshoot 🙂 Thanks for your kind words!!

  3. dandeliondrift says:

    Thank you Adrianna! It is truly a great pattern, I already have some ideas from all of your Hey June sewists for my next Edelweiss!

  4. dandeliondrift says:

    Thanks Renee! I really like the color combo Sweet Pea picked out!

  5. Lala says:

    I love the climbing tree photos. And the top is very pretty, love the big red button detail too 🙂

  6. dandeliondrift says:

    Thanks! I have a little monkey for a daughter…she loves to climb!

  7. Rachel says:

    Love this pattern, it’s on my wish list. This version with the bold colors and simple pop of pattern is great!

  8. dandeliondrift says:

    Thanks Rachel. It is a great pattern…I definitely will be making more of these!

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