Button Up Coin Purse

I have seen these super cute coin purses on pinterest and have thought about making them forever.  The other day, as I was ordering something online, I looked into the cost of a coin purse frame.  They were a little over $1 a piece, so I ordered a pack of five and figured I would give them a try.  button up coin purse

I had Sweet Pea pick out an embroidery design for one side, and I went ahead and came up with an idea for the other side.  It wasn’t too complicated to make, but after gluing the frame to the fabric, sewing those little stitches at the top was not fun!  coin purse clasp

Sweet Pea loves here new coin purse, but now Bubba wants me to make him one too…I’m thinking I’m going to talk him into something a little more manly, like a drawstring bag maybe?unicorn coin purse

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2 Responses to Button Up Coin Purse

  1. dandeliondrift says:

    Thanks! It was pretty easy to make too!

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