Selfless Sewing

So I am unofficially deeming this the week of selfless sewing.  A couple weeks ago I had mentioned I had a mountain of a sewing project sitting at my sewing table.  And I am finally done with this mountain (well almost done).


My dad is in his dalmatic to the right. This is Josh, my dad and I at the baptism of our godson!

My dad is a deacon in the Catholic Church.  Every Sunday when he serves at church he wears these things called dalmatics.  We call them his dresses, but technically they are dalmatics.  This coming weekend he has a bunch of new deacons that are about to be ordained and would like for each of them to have a dalmatic.dalmatics 001

That’s where my mountain has come in.  I told him I could sew them up for him.  And for the most part they were not difficult.  Except the collars.  They were beasts.  And I am so glad they are done.  I just need to clip loose strings and give them all one final press.  But the hard part is done!  Woo hoo….I’m doing a little happy dance!dalmatics 008

For the rest of the week, I have little projects to show you that I have been working on.  None of them are for me, so next week, I am ready to get back into some selfish sewing!

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