Sweet Pea Circle Skirt

Sweet Pea Circle Skirt 009With our family photos coming tomorrow, I decided to make Sweet Pea a new skirt.  We are obviously going with the bright colors for our photo shoot!

Sweet Pea Circle Skirt 014I followed Dana’s tutorial again for the skirt basics, but I found a tutorial to help me add pockets and shorts.  I LOVE how this turned out and Sweet Pea is smitten!

Sweet Pea Circle Skirt 021When she was little she was a dress kind of girl, but she has shied away from them recently because the lack of freedom (from the possibility of showing her panties).

Sweet Pea Circle Skirt 002

I think we have found our solution….skirts with shorts underneath.  Sweet Pea Circle Skirt 018

And this was super easy to make!

Sweet Pea Circle Skirt 004

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